Physical Therapy

Find the Right One for You



Is one of our stand out services that you will not find anywhere else! It is a maintenance program that is geared towards individuals are recovering from a specific injury (broken bones, sprains, strains, surgery, immobility) or extended illness. Oftentimes, this group of people find themselves in limbo. They might have been cleared by their physician or have already completed a course of physical/occupational therapy but are not quite ready to start an exercise routine on there own. 

At Fitness Plus you can start or continue therapeutic treatments with us at a lower cost than traditional therapy.  There will be experienced and licensed therapist on hand to design a program to suit your needs and to assist with treatments or questions to help achieve your goal. Personal trainers will also be available for those clients/members who need that extra push and motivation.  We will hand out step-by-step guides, meal preparation plans, and tutorials to accommodate each member or client. 

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